Greetings! Captain Zeelow here. Pigs can fly! These pages are a reflection of some of the 15mm gaming interests that I find myself most engaged-in. I hope you find something in these pages to enjoy and to inspire. Happy gaming!


Hobby Day Adventure

YAWN.........! Hello my fellow modeling and gaming devotees. Yesterday I ventured up I-5 North from SD to OC and back and it took only 5+ hrs of boring fanny numbing driving to thoroughly enjoy 4 wonderful hrs. of experiencing an environment where MOJO is all powerful and reigns supreme.

Perhaps due to the excessive heat, the once-a-month beloved shindig of modeling, gaming, fraternizing, eating and drinking, watching DVD war movies, and swapping "fish" stories*, meeting in the Hall of multitudinous historical, alternative history, fantasy, and scifi gaming was dried up just like a cracked farm creek bed at the height of a summer heat wave. Where did all of the cool fresh bubbling gamers and modelers go? [Hmmm...this just might become an assignment for retired Capt, Zeelow, Testudinus the mage flying turtle, Pixel Bob the 1st Class Image Eraser Detective, and a new sentient soon to receive the hand of fellowship into the madness and the mania of the JME family.

In other words, it's a secret now. But, my fellow pilgrims of the fictional-reality Zamazonian parallel universe, I will disclose to you just one small morsel of his identity to you now: The new star of JME and sub sandwich ravager goes about, in between chomping bites of deli-delight growling like a ... , "Rrrrrrr, Arkkk Arkk Ark, GRrr, GRRR!" Think you have got it figured out, huh. WELL, YOU DON'T!"]

That being said, I was able to rendezvous in the Hall, after a very long long time of absentia, with an old hobby enthusiast of the tenth-power. This brother assembles military plastic models faster than I can recline into an easy chair and fall into a bottomless sleep. Yesterday he was constructing a 1/72 ACE military tank vehicle kit of post WWII, in-between telling me, with a Cheshire cat grin, how he would be present next month at the 2019 International Plastic Modelers' Society USA Nationals in Chattanooga Tennessee with some of his 1000 + collection of war vehicles.  BTW, his modeling skills have won him high honors in past times at the convention.

"I predict that the Bigguy, riding
his Midnight Black Camry will
 once again brave the
terrors of the Black Top
roads of SOCAL, and
 travel the Freeways 
and the by ways to 
once again get his 
Mojo Factor
* "fish" stories: are fictional play-by-play accounts of one's prowess as a fisherman which goes
like this..."Yeah, and I caught one bigger than yours by at least 4 inches and 3 lbs!"


  1. Is there anything better than swapping fish stories whilst gluing together an armoured fighting vehicle. Surely worth the drive?

    1. Thanks, Michael. BTW, your comment above is one of the top five descriptions of the definition of mojo to be found in the Zama Star System Encyclopedia of a Humanoid's Greatest Attributes.

  2. ... and if he has as much imagination as you, I imagine that the meetings are very productive ...Always great moments!

    1. Hi, Homie. The Duke can tell 'em and laugh at 'em like no other I know. When he laughs, even if you are a certified-died-in-the-wool long faced curmudgeon, you will laugh too.

  3. Probably the very definition of enjoyment, setting the world to right with friends you haven't seen for a wile, yet share the same passions.

    1. Exactly. And you said that in only 24 words. Your a genius, Zab.

  4. 1000 plus war vehicles!!!! he´s crazy...crazy in the best possible way. The work space! loads of things Happening at the same time..planes, tanks, a big gun and a neat Looking red car. He´s definately one of the good guys :-) Question is: After creating over 1000 models, does he really Need to have the instructions the Right way up?

    1. Hi, Mr. Bods: actually his military vehicle model count is over 2000! He is driving to Chattanooga Tennessee soon with his entire collection to put on display for an IPMS get-together!

      No, he can assemble and paint a model in his sleep.