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Capt. Zeelow Does A Road Trip

Greetings fellow star gazers. I have gotten the 1st three episodes of the Adventures of Captain Zeelow on how he got his mojo back worked out in rough sketches. Hoping to get the panels drawn and the story (Part 1) illustrated b4 too long. Really...I mean it!

However, Today I took a road trip eastward from La Mesa to Barrett Junction Cafe and Mercantile for both breakfast and to put a few more miles on my six month old new Camry.

Preliminary observations: In that part of the country up in the mountains every thing runs slower. The passing of 10 minutes in La Mesa is actually equal to 20-30 minutes in Barrett Junction. Now don't get me wrong. You see, waiting is not waiting up in the mountains. It is sort of like being transported to another star system. Expectations are different. The passing of time is irrelevant. While your chow is being magically prepared in a kitchen, the smiling, friendly, helpful, cheerful, dining room hostess and waitress and server (Yep, she does it all) appears at just the right time with a coffee cup holding at least 2/3 quart of fresh java, and a little chit-chat. At that moment listening to country yeehaw-music and sipping hot Joe makes "today" a good day to be alive.

The food was tasty, and there was plenty of it. I dined on a Denver Omelette, toast and jelly, hash brown potatoes, and 1/2 bottle of Ketchup.

Now before I take my award winning afternoon nap, here for your perusal are some pictures from beyond the maddening crowded freeways and byways of the city:

A hard working young lady

Old timey painted signs, not the inglorious graffiti of the city.

Carved bear doing pull-ups!

The "Back Woods Quintet" whistling, "We all is a wishing
y'all is gonna leave your table scraps in the trash can
outside the cabin door!"

The Chief has a point there. (Man, I can hear the puns already!)

Old timey radio like the one I used to listen to at my uncle's farm house. My
favorite shows were: Sargent Preston of the Yukon and his dog King, Little
Orphan Annie, The Lone Ranger, The Shadow, and Amos and Andy. Boy those
were the days. When, if you didn't have a Daisy BB rifle, and a Davy Crockett
coonskin cap, and watch Flash Gordon on your black and white TV,
 you weren't nobody!

Mr. rabbit said to me, "Hey, yeah you, you with the Panama hat
on your head, come on in to my hutch if you ain't afraid."  I was
afraid of a talking rabbit standing in a door way of a very dark shed.

Wood carving of lizard (?) .

Owl wood carving

Looked like a hand made and hand painted wooden cowboy
cafe hawker. Sweet!

Another front porch hawker to draw you into the Cafe of  Barrett
Lake and its many delights.
"Looks like ol' Captain Zeelow's
road trip was a success. And I'm
 bettin' he will find his mojo
again. Pretty good start if you
ask me.


  1. I do love the idea of a place where time is running slow, I could do with a little more if there were some spare?

    1. Time is time. Yet I know from being a septuagenarian that I don't have as much time to get things done now as when I was drinking grape soda and using a Daisy lever action BB Gun to shoot water moccasins along the creek that ran by on the eastside of town. You are not going to find any 'spare' time as the back aches, the eyes dim, the mouth has fewer teeth, and laxative has become your best friend.

  2. Looks a great place to visit! Grub sounds nice too!

    1. You got it! I was hoping for their fresh fish sandwich, coleslaw, and french fries. But I would have had to take a 3 hr. nap and wait for lunch. I'm a world class napper, but the parking lot sits adjacent the kitchen. It was 93 degrees outside and the grill was serving up some wonderful aromas. Too much for my feeble self will.

  3. I really like the paving around the Rabbit hutch..the wall could have beendone differently (different material ) to make a bit of contrast but the paving is lovely.

    1. Nevertheless the rabbit and his dark hole are scary. Plus there was a faint smell of sulfur drifting out from the hutch entry door.

  4. A place famous for its fish fry in the middle of what looks like a desert ?
    I am impressed and it's obvuously a 'must see' on your itinerary.

    1. Yep. It is high desert. But a humongous lake rests comfortably in the arms of a couple mountains. Next time I'm out that way I'll be dining on fish caught in Barrett Lake!

  5. Nice report Jay! :) How can I e-mail you? (I have templates for you)

    1. Welcome back to the real world! I have "lost" my JME "profile" and can't seem to get it back! Sorry. Here is my

      Thanks for the goodies!