Greetings! Captain Zeelow here. Pigs can fly! These pages are a reflection of some of the 15mm gaming interests that I find myself most engaged-in. I hope you find something in these pages to enjoy and to inspire. Happy gaming!


Capt. Zeelow Does A Road Trip

Greetings fellow star gazers. I have gotten the 1st three episodes of the Adventures of Captain Zeelow on how he got his mojo back worked out in rough sketches. Hoping to get the panels drawn and the story (Part 1) illustrated b4 too long. Really...I mean it!

However, Today I took a road trip eastward from La Mesa to Barrett Junction Cafe and Mercantile for both breakfast and to put a few more miles on my six month old new Camry.

Preliminary observations: In that part of the country up in the mountains every thing runs slower. The passing of 10 minutes in La Mesa is actually equal to 20-30 minutes in Barrett Junction. Now don't get me wrong. You see, waiting is not waiting up in the mountains. It is sort of like being transported to another star system. Expectations are different. The passing of time is irrelevant. While your chow is being magically prepared in a kitchen, the smiling, friendly, helpful, cheerful, dining room hostess and waitress and server (Yep, she does it all) appears at just the right time with a coffee cup holding at least 2/3 quart of fresh java, and a little chit-chat. At that moment listening to country yeehaw-music and sipping hot Joe makes "today" a good day to be alive.

The food was tasty, and there was plenty of it. I dined on a Denver Omelette, toast and jelly, hash brown potatoes, and 1/2 bottle of Ketchup.

Now before I take my award winning afternoon nap, here for your perusal are some pictures from beyond the maddening crowded freeways and byways of the city:

A hard working young lady

Old timey painted signs, not the inglorious graffiti of the city.

Carved bear doing pull-ups!

The "Back Woods Quintet" whistling, "We all is a wishing
y'all is gonna leave your table scraps in the trash can
outside the cabin door!"

The Chief has a point there. (Man, I can hear the puns already!)

Old timey radio like the one I used to listen to at my uncle's farm house. My
favorite shows were: Sargent Preston of the Yukon and his dog King, Little
Orphan Annie, The Lone Ranger, The Shadow, and Amos and Andy. Boy those
were the days. When, if you didn't have a Daisy BB rifle, and a Davy Crockett
coonskin cap, and watch Flash Gordon on your black and white TV,
 you weren't nobody!

Mr. rabbit said to me, "Hey, yeah you, you with the Panama hat
on your head, come on in to my hutch if you ain't afraid."  I was
afraid of a talking rabbit standing in a door way of a very dark shed.

Wood carving of lizard (?) .

Owl wood carving

Looked like a hand made and hand painted wooden cowboy
cafe hawker. Sweet!

Another front porch hawker to draw you into the Cafe of  Barrett
Lake and its many delights.
"Looks like ol' Captain Zeelow's
road trip was a success. And I'm
 bettin' he will find his mojo
again. Pretty good start if you
ask me.


Hobby Day Adventure

YAWN.........! Hello my fellow modeling and gaming devotees. Yesterday I ventured up I-5 North from SD to OC and back and it took only 5+ hrs of boring fanny numbing driving to thoroughly enjoy 4 wonderful hrs. of experiencing an environment where MOJO is all powerful and reigns supreme.

Perhaps due to the excessive heat, the once-a-month beloved shindig of modeling, gaming, fraternizing, eating and drinking, watching DVD war movies, and swapping "fish" stories*, meeting in the Hall of multitudinous historical, alternative history, fantasy, and scifi gaming was dried up just like a cracked farm creek bed at the height of a summer heat wave. Where did all of the cool fresh bubbling gamers and modelers go? [Hmmm...this just might become an assignment for retired Capt, Zeelow, Testudinus the mage flying turtle, Pixel Bob the 1st Class Image Eraser Detective, and a new sentient soon to receive the hand of fellowship into the madness and the mania of the JME family.

In other words, it's a secret now. But, my fellow pilgrims of the fictional-reality Zamazonian parallel universe, I will disclose to you just one small morsel of his identity to you now: The new star of JME and sub sandwich ravager goes about, in between chomping bites of deli-delight growling like a ... , "Rrrrrrr, Arkkk Arkk Ark, GRrr, GRRR!" Think you have got it figured out, huh. WELL, YOU DON'T!"]

That being said, I was able to rendezvous in the Hall, after a very long long time of absentia, with an old hobby enthusiast of the tenth-power. This brother assembles military plastic models faster than I can recline into an easy chair and fall into a bottomless sleep. Yesterday he was constructing a 1/72 ACE military tank vehicle kit of post WWII, in-between telling me, with a Cheshire cat grin, how he would be present next month at the 2019 International Plastic Modelers' Society USA Nationals in Chattanooga Tennessee with some of his 1000 + collection of war vehicles.  BTW, his modeling skills have won him high honors in past times at the convention.

"I predict that the Bigguy, riding
his Midnight Black Camry will
 once again brave the
terrors of the Black Top
roads of SOCAL, and
 travel the Freeways 
and the by ways to 
once again get his 
Mojo Factor
* "fish" stories: are fictional play-by-play accounts of one's prowess as a fisherman which goes
like this..."Yeah, and I caught one bigger than yours by at least 4 inches and 3 lbs!"


Capt. Zeelow receives 2nd Transfusion of Mojo juice

Greetings, Sky Walkers and Rocket Jockeys! Jet safely today. Heavy meteor and asteroid showers expected early this afternoon in all Zama Star System quadrants.

With JME mojo beginning to take over my lackadaisical life style, I am getting ready to take a solo road  trip to North Anaheim tomorrow (about a 250 mile round trip) for another wonder filled day of Hobby Day activities: games, model painting, napping, eating, eating, napping, and sketching ideas for the blog posts re "The Disappearance of Capt. Zeelow". It's been 4-5 years since I ventured up Interstate 5 to Orange Co., Ca.

While perusing files containing art work which I had done in the late '80s-'90s, I stumbled upon some sketches of some comic strip characters I was using at the time in a variety of  stories. I have decided to use some of them as characters for Capt. Zeelow and for Pixel Bob (with some minor adjustments). I'll work on drawing these two characters tomorrow until I am happy with them. Then I'll start a final draft of the panels for the 1st scene of episode 5. Part 1.

I've also decided to use a ball point pens for the final art work. This will be a faster way to get the job done.

Below are some sketches of the "head work" for both the Capt. and Bob. Plus a rough sketch of a flying machine  I dreamed up while teaming up with a good comic artist friend of mine. (At the time of our joint comic endeavors, "I" was comically known as Capt. Ink. And my friend, Danny, who had a website entitled Galactic Graffiti liked to be referred to as Rusty the Robot (or something like that).
For awhile we were teamed up, and both of us had a published online comic strip. Maybe I'll use this space flying machine for either the Capt. or Pixel Bob.

 Pixel Bob's Face
"Hello, I'm Pixel Bob, ESQ. I am co-starring in this
adventure with both Capt. Zeelow and Testudinus
his turtle magician sidekick and personal taxi."
Capt. Zeelo's Face
"No! You have not seen my face on any Star
System Wanted Poster! NO YOU HAVE NOT!!!

The Capt.'s Star Coupe

The single seat Star Rocket LX Eradicator is equipped with
multiple image scrubbers, and image capture tools.
Images removed maybe restored in most cases. The
SR.LX has proven to be a most reliable asset to both
Pixel Bob and Capt. Zeelow.

"Hey! I had a small sniff of the
Capt.'s mojo stuff, and it melted
the wax in my ears! I ain't kiddin'
you, fellow sky pilots.


Original Data for Playing a PRC Chit in a Captain Zeelow Adventure

From the original blog post from 2/3/15 concerning the origination and utilization of the PRC, I have prepared a 1st draft of the Proportional Resizing Chit ©️ attribute data for all the adventurous souls out there in blog-land who may be contemplating a change in life style on a grand sliding scale.

The following draft will be used to design the rules for PRC chit usage in a game:
  • The original creator and purveyor of the PRC is none other than Kasster the Magician. It was conjured up between long sips of aged Number Five Star Nova Fire for retired space ship Captain Zeelow. 
  • The original and subsequent PRCs are small ruby red Xilinium gem stones.
  • The PRC spell is Kasster's payment to Zeelow for a gambling debt incurred at a Speeder Race at the Rimmerton City Super Speedway about fifteen years ago. Kasster put his credits on the hot- shot up-and-coming Martian pilot named Luuajal; while Zeelow slapped down two months of retirement pay on the current Speedway champ, Cyclone Eddie, to win the A-Main fifty lap sprint race. Eddie smoked the completion that Saturday evening! He broke the track record again by 10 seconds. (I had 10 silver credits riding on Zee's bet that night, and doubled my wager!! Not bad for an old retired Spaceship Cap'n, huh.)
  • The chit's dimension is 1/2" X 1/2" with a hole in one of the rectangle's corners so it can be worn around the neck, wrist, etc. (and if you are a giant Musslominoit, you could ask the mage to make the PRC to fit into the slot of your strong brow ridge.)
  • Kasster's PRC spell chit is designed to enable a maximum of 4 average sized bipeds to shrink in size for a named particular purpose, and then later to resize to their normal size.
  • The PRC does have an expiration time attached to it.
  • The PRC is engineered to work in any planetary season, weather conditions, geographical location, and gravitational pull.
  • The PRC is good for 2 activations: 1) initial size change, 2) and resize. For additional credit payment, you may have a custom engineered chit that maybe used for up to 40 times before requiring both Kassterian approved updates and magical recharge for a reasonable fee (☺).
  • If lost or stolen the PRC may be activated by another biped other than the original designated recipient, if he possesses the proper updated magical attributes inorder to activate the chit. And the PRC must be on the person of the conjuring biped. And the correct magic prose has to be correctly spoken by the current holder of the PRC
  • If the resizing spell phase of the PRC is not spoken according to the mage's engineered requirements, then a mispronounced conjuration is created and the caster, and possibly others in the spell's sphere of influence, is in for an interesting and possibly terrifying experience! In other words: you may not return to your normal physical proportions; nor, in some cases, return to the place of your original down-sizing. For example: It has been documented in the Holo-Journal of Extraordinary PRC Experiences of the Past 300 Years, 3rd Edition, that on the Saturday afternoon performance of the Master Lippi's Galactic Traveling Circus, in the year of 3013 ZSST (Zama Star System Time) a PRC spell was cast by part-time Zobo the clown---a novice-1 cephalopod magician. Immediately following his ink spill routine and hilarious clean-up antics, Zobo attempted a PRC spell which had  not been authorized by his Master. He disappeared in a flash of blinding light. Nothing but ink residue and a few charred tentacle suckers and three nose hairs remained in the exact spot of his cast! The crowd roared and shouted that this was the best act they have ever seen in any circus anywhere in the galaxy (Lippi's stock rose by 10 points, and Graggle the Zort choked on a zuca bean, fell off the center ring grandstand, and broke a tusk! What a performance!). And to this day, there has been no reported sighting of Zobo the clown. (Your guess is as good as mine, bro.)
Editorial Note: Perhaps Zobo missed the class lecture the day of the Master's teaching concerning PRC formula, and on the next day he misread his best friend's class notes (and really, who can interpret the squiggles of a drooling snaggle toothed Pytriptilarin correctly? Give me a break!). This might explain the folly of his actions. For it stated plainly in the Trademarked Rules of Spellwright Casting that unless the conjurator specifies that the PRC spell he is currently creating is in conformity to Kasster's original spell engineering principles of magic, then a misspell will automatically occur. Etc. 
    Now back to modeling: the brainstorming, the endless scenario daydreaming, and both the scheduled and unscheduled naps (I really love them, you know?).

    NOTE: Doodel is absent from this post due to his exuberance and his throwing away caution when he ventured too close to a live demo of a PRC casting and activation here at JME HQ. He trespassed over the invisible sphere of magical effective range and has suffered the humiliating consequence of his image going transparent for an indefinite time!   
    Captain Zeelow in all his glory.
    "So. I get the last word today."

    "Keep your particle modulator
    handle in the green quadrant,
    your cockpit seat reclined to
    'nap mode', and your AI power
    connection unplugged. Enjoy the
    star sailing, Pilgrims!"


    New Postscript Image Speaks Out

    Greetings. Since the Holey Moley Kid from JME was holographically transmutated from JME's secret blog production bunker to Planet Zamazonia, there has truly been a real heart felt need by the staff to replace him with another outspoken jpeg image digital philosopher.

    So, after numerous naps and an occasional Diet Root Beer, the Bigguy grabbed an ink pen and drew a quick happy face, in his imitable style. Bigguy stepped back from the piece of scrap paper which had been whiling away the time stuck to the refrigerator, for a reason the Mr. Big could not remember.

    Mr. Big pulled at a long hair growing out of his ear and said, "Not bad if I do say so myself."

    The cartooned image winked, wiggled his big ears, and replied, "You did, and I am!"

    An unbreakable bond was created!

    Please meet and greet our new jpeg ...... he always gets the last word!

    "Well, if it ain't a thrill for me
    to meet all you pilgrims, then I
    ain't never been thrilled before."
    "Howdy Folks! My name is Doodel
    It is pronunskiated as

    "And you ain't heard nor
    seen nothing yet!"


    The Disappearance of Retired Capt. Zeelow . 4

    ( Addendum: the continuation of Episode 2)

    Present Episode: Blasting through Zamazonian space, just grazing the Craggee mountain tops, a lone super modified 1932 Ford Coupe*, equipped with a compact particle power drive unit connected to a dual thrust Tidderverius modulator connection, wove its way seductively between mountain tops on its destination to the secret hiding place of Capt. Ed Zeelow and associate.

    * The Planet Earth hot rod was transported from Possum Corner, Kentucky to the planet Zamazonia  by retired Capt. Zeelow while on a vacation to the Corner. He was in town looking for a piece of property to settle down and live in, and a place to function as an alien safe house for off-planet visitors.

    Next Episode: Finds the Captain and Testudinus at the ready....


    Zamazonian Character Intros: Lyle Kydote

    Greetings Spacefarers. I was scribbling down a grocery list on a piece of scrap paper yesterday when I was suddenly overcome by the Urge, which immediately compelled me to scribble down quickly a cartoon-character-head for a JME character of bad character. 

    For years I have had the name of an antagonist for Capt. Zeelow in his adventures in the Zama Star System. The name came into being while visiting a very young grandson. While speaking about the coyotes that were hunting on his dad's property at night, and leaving the carcasses of partially devoured cats and dogs in his backyard, he blurted out with excitement the name of...Kydote. Bingo, cha-ching, ka-wham, the name of "Kydote" was officially deposited in the cranium vault of the Bigguy! Where said new JME character has been idle, up until this moment, in a dark recess of the mind of  the OWC (Overweight Comic). Here is a pic of the OWC back in the day when he was the master mind behind Fortress Comics ©️, propagating his hilarity in the dark dank basement of his home in Oregon:

    Here is the last remaining comic strip panel from OWCs tale of "The Adventures of Kwakker and the Nose in Zamazonia:

    And finally, here the 1st ever doodle of Lyle Kydote:

    "I'll get you next time Captain Zeelow.
     You might as well go out right now
    and pawn that shellback

     side-kick of yours."
    [Nice Wanted Poster, Huh.]

    ADDENDUM: Lyle Kydote's name is now and forever changed to:  Lynan Kydote.


    The Disappearance of Retired Capt. Zeelow .3

    Last Episode: Captain Zeelow sleeps comfortably on his hover bed in a secretive cave located high up on an obscure portion of the face off the Craggee Mountains. He dreams in  living color of past thrilling adventures as both a Zama Star System militia recon pilot; and now retired as a  spacer and  private investigator. 

    Testudinus, the Chxutilian flying turtle magician and life long friend of the Captain, while watching over the Capt., wrestles with the mind altering effects of the Capt.'s incessant chain saw like snoring.

    Suddenly, both are alerted to a series of sizzling and scratching sounds emanating outside the cave entrance's magical impenetrable barrier.

    Present Episode:  


    News has spread quickly from Uxee Jungle Basin to the Craggee Mountains. A leak has sprung forth from a dark damp corner of Asteroid Mary's back room gaming parlor. 

    The team of  ex-military magician scouts retained by JME to locate, secure, and transport Captain Zeelow back to JME Headquarters has been indefinitely detained. You see, a tournament of high stakes has reached a maximum high pitch in the last 300 laps of a holographed Figure-Eight hover coupe dirt track race. With multiple crashes, power device break downs, and scheduled pit stops (for both race car owners and bladder filled scouts) the event will run over the scheduled time for the race. However, at the new predicted finish time of the race, Happy Hour at Mary's will be in full swing. And by unanimous decision the mages have postponed departure to the Craggs until at least two days. Today is the time to lose or gain much wealth. Nova Fire is plentiful. And Gus the one-eyed platypus has presented the magicians with a 100 yr. old box of unopened Pamba Moon Master's cigars. 

    Life is good at Asteroid Mary's Bar and Grill.

    And the Captain is probably napping anyway.

    I'm putting my credits
    down on old number 74.
    Yep. That's the Rimmerton
     Speedway champion, none
     other than.....
     "Ride the Rim Cyclone Eddie!"